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A guy lives with his family in Beijing, and suddenly his house goes down in flames His wife and kids don’t really mean a thing, all he wants to do is watch the game He plugs his TV set out of the wall, he’s looking for a place to plug it in AGAIN! It’s Holland-Argentina after all, he’ll make a lot of money if he wins HIS BET! Fuck unimportant things, ‘cause they can wait It’s all about priorities, so set them straight Don’t waste time on futile stuff, ‘cause it won’t pay Realize enough’s enough for a single day It’s just me, myself and I OKAY! Never really questioning why NO WAY! I’m important after all THAT’S RIGHT! Let the others take the fall THEY MIGHT! Our Government’s residing in The Hague, the ministers are sticking to their chairs They’re spreading out an ugly filthy stink, they’re fornicating in their dragon’s lair So what if there’s no longer any trust, they want to keep their office anyway SO NICE! As long as their positions are intact, they don’t care if this country has to pay THE PRICE! Words: Roelsel; Music: Pjotr/Rat Patrol


from Ibiza Kepone, released April 1, 2008



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Rat Patrol Groningen, The Netherlands

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