What's Wrong With Me

from by Rat Patrol



What the hell is wrong with me Have I been caught by worldwide stupidity Zapping along all the channels Including TMF and MTV Expensive cars, jewellery and rappers in fur coats DoubleD babes dancing without clothes SMS messages flashing at the bottom of the screen Asking the most stupid questions you’ve ever seen What does goo taste like, can my girlfriend get pregnant if I eat her Do you like a pussy hairy, or do you prefer bald beaver’ Plain on screen sex while young kids watch TV Wondering if it’s all real, this world they’ve been witnessed to see Fake images about a world that doesn’t exist Gangsta video clips by so-called artists Stuffed with commercials that tell what’s hip and what to buy Fashion flicks with brainless blondes who never seem to try It tells you how to act and how to look good and what to wear Try to fit in their role model otherwise you won’t get in there Kids look up to a fake world as brought to you by your TV And I’m watching TMF and MTV… What the hell is wrong with me… Words: Jansel, maimed by Roelsel; Music: Pjotr/Rat Patrol


from Ibiza Kepone, released April 1, 2008



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Rat Patrol Groningen, The Netherlands

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