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Sixteen-year-old kid shoots his teacher in the head The man dies in the OR, the country is in mourning The people are surprised, the people shake their heads One week later they tune in to Evers in the morning Aren’t we all just living in the bubbles that our soap operas create? And don’t we get our worldviews from watching MTV ‘till late? The people are not ‘tolerant’, the people just don’t care ‘Shit happens here, shit happens there, shit happens everywhere’ It happens in OnM, it happens in ER The one exception to this rule are those friendly Bauers Chorus What the hell is wrong with us, have we all gone brain dead? Since when did pimps and gangsters become our national heroes? We don’t need personalities, we need Barbie clones instead Who in turn are mostly referred to as ‘dumb bitches and ho’s’ The garbage from our TV sets, it offers instant pleasure We keep our curtains tightly drawn, we cannot stand the pressure Kids in the streets talk about blood, honour and revenge We look at Jim and Jamai blowing kisses to their fans Chorus (Words: Roelsel; Music: Jansel/Rat Patrol)


from Ibiza Kepone, released April 1, 2008



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Rat Patrol Groningen, The Netherlands

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